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University Courses on Human Trafficking

Philipps−University of Marburg (Germany)

Seminar: An Empirical Analysis of Crime (Master's Seminar, fall semester 2016 and 2017)

  • Lecturer: Seo-Young Cho
  • Course outline:  The aim of this seminar is to conduct empirical research on the topics of crime and various illicit behaviors by reviewing literature and analyzing data.
  • Topics: physical and violent crime, property and financial crime, gender-based violence, human trafficking, cybercrime, terrorism, and drug-related crime, etc

Seminar: The Economics of Crime, Violence, and Discrimination (Master's seminar, fall semester 2014 and 2015)

  • Lecturer: Seo-Young Cho
  • Course outline: The aim of this seminar is to read, understand, review and discuss recent empirical contributions on some critical and emerging topics in applied economics – socio-economic causes and consequences of various forms of crimes, violence, and discrimination.

Seminar: Topics in Empirical Institutional Economics: Globalization and Crime (Master's seminar, fall semester 2013)

  • Lecturer: Seo-Young Cho
  • Course outline: Economic analysis on various crimes in the period of globalization (smuggling, human trafficking, terrorism, shadow economy, domestic violence, abortion, witch killing, drug, guns, cyber crime, violence, and media)

Seminar: The Economics of Gender Based Violence (Master's seminar, spring semester 2013)

  • Lecturer: Seo-Young Cho
  • Course outline: Socio-economic causes and consequences of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, domestic/sexual violence, and son preference
Seminar: Emerging Topics in Globalization - Transnational Crime and Movements of People (Master's seminar, spring semester 2013)
  • Lecturer: Seo-Young Cho
  • Course outline: Dynamics of legal and illegal migration and causes and consequences of transnational crime (human and drug trafficking, money laundering, terrorism, maritime piracy, cyber and environmental crime)
Georg-August University of Goettingen (Germany)
Seminar: Gender based Violence: Missing Women, Human Trafficking, and Domestic and Sexual Violence (Bachelor seminar, fall semester 2011/12)  
  • Lecturer: Seo-Young Cho and Stephan Klasen
  • Course outline: Economic discussions on different forms of violence against women and girls with a focus on human trafficking, son preference, and domestic and sexual violence

 Workshop Hosting: Human Trafficking

International Workshop on Human Trafficking, International Crime, and National Security

  • Febuary 3-4, 2012, Georg-August University of Goettingen, Germany
  • Workshop program
  • Program committee and organizer: Seo-Young Cho, Axel Dreher, and Eric Neumayer
  • Key-note speaker: Beth Simmons (Harvard University)
  • Sponsor: European Commission


Source of the Map: Cho, Seo-Young,  Human Trafficking, Germany only Average when it comes to Protecting Victims, DIW Economic Bulletin vol. 2, NOV. 2012

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